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Slim And Strong For Life – Unleash Your Potential.

Diets don’t work because they do not last the distance! Not even my French heritage could safeguard me from the inevitable weight gain associated with pregnancy and changes in metabolism over time. Seventeen years ago after the birth of my daughter Angelique, I set out on the quest to find a healthy way to regain my figure and to unleash the power that lies in every body to maintain great shape for life.

Summer fun. (photo-worklondonstyle)

Summer fun. (photo-worklondonstyle)

Working as a university lecturer, retail manager and business and lifestyle coach demands many hours on my feet. I wanted to be slim and strong with energy to spare for exercise. After many trials and errors, I discovered that holy grail of great nutrition in the form of Herbalife.

Herbalife head office UK.

Herbalife head office UK.

The answer lay in personalised protein to support muscle maintenance. Whereas before I was constantly hungry and craving empty calories from simple sugars, the correct amount of protein rebalanced my blood sugar and I have not needed to diet a day since. Through regular use of the product range I lost 25 kg and have maintained a healthy, energetic weight effortlessly.

Attending a conference in Kensington, London.

Engela Minshull Business and Life Coach at a conference in October 2013 in Kensington, London.

I use the Herbalife range of products in my work with many clients who approach me to assist them with weight loss or who want to regain energy and vitality. I have found it easy to incorporate these easy to mix shakes in my travels around the world and have made Herbalife friends for life in many countries. One such inspirational group calls themselves the ‘herbaheroes’

Gerrain Jones and the Herbaheroes.

Garrain Jones and the Herbaheroes.

Founded by Mark Hughes in 1980, Herbalife is listed on the NYSE and now available in 90 countries. Based on the latest science, this range of products have helped many to lose, gain or maintain weight. Herbalife is the Global Nutrition Partner of Christiano Renaldo, international football superstar.

Christiano Renaldo drinking Herbalife for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Christiano Renaldo drinking Herbalife for a healthy, active lifestyle. (photo Herbalife)

Fit on holiday South Africa.

Fit on holiday in South Africa.

If you are looking for financial independence or to reach your health and weight loss goals; contact me at

Bobbi Brown – First UK Standalone Store At White City

Growing up in a small village with a personal preference for the natural make-up look, I first had the opportunity to purchase Bobbi’s products during a visit to the Konigsallee in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Konigsallee Dusseldorf Germany (photo Wikipedia)

Konigsallee Dusseldorf Germany (photo Wikipedia)

After graduation from Emmerson College in Boston with a degree in theatrical make up, Bobbi launched her first line with 10 natural coloured lipsticks in 1991, at Bergdorf Goodman in New York. Estee Lauder bought the company in 1995 but Bobbi retains creative control of the brand. She has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and contributes how-to segments to The Today Show.

Her make up celebrates individuality and she believes in beauty from the inside out. Clean eating includes a regular coconut and kale smoothie, small portions of dark chocolate and coconut milk espresso.

Bobbi Brown (photo Alice Gao)

Bobbi Brown (photo Alice Gao)

Bobbi lives in New Jersey with Steven Plofker, her husband of 25 years and their three sons. She is an avid fan of Kanye, Jay-Z, Bruce Springsteen, Jagger and Flo Rida. On days out of the lime light she wears worn – in jeans, Vans, motor cycle boots and sweaters but cleans up beautifully in sky high heels, bigger jewellery and sequins for events and photo shoots.

Bobbi is the author of six books on health, beauty and lifestyle. She says, ‘Knowing what you can do at any given time to look and feel better is pretty powerful’.

Bobbi's latest book 'Pretty Powerful' followed on from 'Makeup Manual'.

Bobbi’s latest book ‘Pretty Powerful’ followed on from ‘Makeup Manual’.

Everyday essentials

Everyday essentials

Bobbi explains,  ‘Women still need to understand what they put in their body is as important as what they put on their face’.

Earlier publications included 'Beauty Evolution' and the inspirational 'Living Beauty'.

Earlier publications included ‘Beauty Evolution’ and the inspirational ‘Living Beauty’.

Bobbi Brown White City (photo - worklondonstyle)

Bobbi Brown White City (photo – worklondonstyle)

Bobbi Brown opened its first UK standalone store, covering 927sq ft, at Westfield London in November 2013.

Joan Collins – A Passion For Life

World famous actress and Dynasty television star, Joan Collins signed the latest instalment of her memoirs, ‘A Passion For Life’ at Selfridges in London today. Joan OBE, Golden Globe winner and Emmy-nominee has sold more than 50 million books worldwide.

A Passion For Life

A Passion For Life

‘A Passion For Life’ follows on from ‘Second Act’, ‘Katy: A Fight for Life’ and ‘Past Imperfect: an Autobiography’. It is an illustrated guide to the life of the British Icon. It includes childhood pictures, images from film sets around the world and the story of her marriage to Percy Gibson.

Joan's autobiography 'Second Act' published in 1996 and her light -hearted look at modern life ' The World According to Joan' published in 2011.

Joan’s autobiography ‘Second Act’ published in 1996 and her light – hearted look at modern life ‘The World According to Joan’ published in 2011.

Joan has written 17 books including beauty books and guides on style. Joan returned to the stage in 2013 with her acclaimed one woman show ‘One Night With Joan’. She is a regular contributor to The Spectator.

Style and Beauty advice from Joan.

Style and Beauty advice from Joan.

Tea And Sympathy – Mariage Freres

In 2005 finding it hard to adjust to my newly adopted country, my friend Sandra comforted me with a cup of ‘The Sur Le Nil’ from ‘Mariage Freres’ and some of her best baking.  Somewhat later she presented us with a selection of their beautifully packaged teas as a wedding gift.

The Sur Le Nil - Fruity & Lemony Green Tea

The Sur Le Nil – Fruity & Lemony Green Tea

The Wedding Gift - A selection of tea from Mariage Freres

The Wedding Gift – A selection of tea from Mariage Freres

Around 1660, Nicolas Mariage was dispatched to Persia, the East Indies and the Moghul Empire by King Louis XIV, whilst his brother Pierre travelled to Madagascar; both on behalf of the French East India Company. A 100 years later, Jean-Francois Mariage still traded in tea and spices and taught the business to his four sons in Lille. In 1845 two of the sons Aime and Auguste, founded ‘Auguste Maraige & Company’ in Paris. Having learned the trade from their father, Aime’s sons Henri and Edouard founded the Mariage Freres tea company in Paris on June 1, 1845.

Mariage Freres sells more than 500 high quality teas grown in 35 different countries. They uphold the fine art of serving tea by design and reproduction of beautiful tea services, teapots and utensils.

'The fragrance of adventure and poetry endlessly pervades each cup of tea' Henry Mariage.

‘The fragrance of adventure and poetry endlessly pervades each cup of tea’ Henry Mariage.

Mariage Freres tea is now available in the basement of Selfridges, Oxford Street, London.

Tea: Passion, Savoir-Faire And Tradition

Tea: Passion, Savoir-Faire And Tradition