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Dot London – April 29

The launch of .london on April 29 confirms the growing power of London as a global city “brand”. Following in the footsteps of Berlin and Vienna, this will make London the third city ahead of New York and Paris, to launch its own web domains.

London's Financial district. (photo  - worklondonstyle)

London’s Financial district. (photo – worklondonstyle)

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson said,”It is hard to imagine that 25 years ago few of us had heard of the internet. Now we take it for granted: watching films on demand and buying weekly groceries.”

Boris Johnson - The Mayor of London

Boris Johnson – The Mayor of London

Johnson’s open letter in the Evening Standard newspaper, who made history by becoming the first business to adopt the new “Dot London” website name,  was signed by 40 prominent figures from culture, business and charity. Johnson said, “Twenty five years ago it was about connecting computer networks. Today it is about connecting with people, communities and customers – and being relevant to them.”


From 29 April London businesses that until now defined their online presence with internet domains ending in .co.uk and .com, will have the opportunity to choose the .london domain. Web addresses are expected to go live by late August or the beginning of September and will cost from £40 per year.

An initial three month “grace period” will prioritise London-based applicants over those from outside the capital, when applying for the same name.

For information about Dot London go to http://www.dotlondondomains.london.

Boris Johnson – ‘Mad Props To The Real G’

“London is without doubt the greatest city on the planet” said Boris Johnson after figures showed that the number of foreign tourists surged by 20% last summer. July to September saw 4.9 million visitors, making it the world’s most popular destination and setting London on course to welcome a record 16 million overseas visitors in one year.

Boris Johnson - The Mayor of London.

Boris Johnson – The Mayor of London.

The charismatic mayor known for his sense of humour and public pranks such as the high wire act during the 2012 Olympics, is London’s most passionate promoter. Outspoken on petty bureaucracy, bicycle thieves, the airports commission’s plans for Heathrow, tennis with Pippa and life’s general absurdities; he has now waded into the Southpark Skateboard development debacle.

The ‘long live Southbank, you can’t remove history’ campaign was set up by supporters of London’s world famous Southbank Skatepark in defense of development plans for a Southbank Centre that will see the park moved to an alternate site 120 yards away under Hungerford Bridge.

Summer on the Southbank

Summer on the Southbank

Mr Johson said: “The skate park is the epicentre of UK skateboarding and is part of the cultural fabric of London. This much-loved community space has been used by thousands of young people over the years. It attracts tourists from across the world and undoubtedly adds to the vibrancy of the area. It helps to make London the great city it is.”

Visitors of all ages enjoy the view from the Southbank. (photo - worklondonstyle)

Visitors of all ages enjoy the view from the Southbank. (photo – worklondonstyle)

The Southbank Skateboard Park. (photo - worklondonstyle)

The Southbank Skateboard Park. (photo – worklondonstyle)

Skateboarders were delighted to receive the Mayor’s support. Tommy Wright said: “We’re stoked the Mayor is backing us. Anyone down for preservation gets mad props. Boris is a real G.”

The Urban Dictionary describes a “real G” as “a robust individual who did not change course under rough circumstances”. “Mad props” means thank you.

The Creative Director of arts organisation UpRise, involved in the Long Live Southbank campaign said: “It is great that Boris recognises the importance of the cultural heritage that exists in this space.”

Catherine Croft, Director of the 20th Century Society conservation group said: “The proposed massive extensions to the Centre will overwhelm one of the best groups of brutalist buildings in the UK, if not the world.”

A skater showing off his skills at the Southbank Skateboard Park. (photo - worklondonstyle)

A skater showing off his skills at the Southbank Skateboard Park. (photo – worklondonstyle)

Boris who writes a column for The Telegraph was one of the most popular guests on the comedy TV program “Mock the Week”.

Boris - 'A real G' promoting London.

Boris – ‘A real G’ promoting London.