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Utility at Anya Hindmarch

Witty form meets function as the Anya Hindmarch Spring/Summer ’16 collection explores pattern and abstraction.


Utility – satisfaction experienced by the consumer of a good. Hindmarch Spring/Summer ’16. (photo – worklondonstyle)

A long time admirer of the Lucienne and Robin Day consultancy team’s 25 year designs for The John Lewis Partnership and the iconic John Lewis logo created by Hans Schelger, Anya celebrates their inspiration in this limited edition installation.


Artful incorporation of the John Lewis logo. (photo – worklondonstyle)


The Anya Hindmarch installation at Peter Jones. (photo -worklondonstyle)

Hindmarch is the only accessories designer to hold an on-schedule London Fashion Week show. Recent show highlights incorporated a 120-strong male choir, a giant mirrored kaleidoscopic set and floating models.


Light bulb Bathurst satchel and scarf. (photo -worklondonstyle)

Anya Hindmarch is known for collections that marry cutting-edge craftsmanship with wit and creativity.


Eloise and Jen welcome guests to the interactive installation at Peter Jones. (photo -worklondonstyle)

The 10 Principles of Power

What does it take to be a true leader?

To start with you must be willing to embrace your strengths. Let’s take a look at the ten traits you need to become a power player.

1. Leaders keep the end in sight.
They’re aware of their company or business goals and they are self-aware. They let this vision guide their critical decisions.

Speaking to an international audience on Personal Branding and Style at the Shangri-La hotel in Sydney, Australia.

Speaking to an international audience at the Shangri-La hotel in Sydney, Australia.

2. They collaborate.
They work with others to share resources and to fill the gaps in their own strengths.

3. They’re prepared to serve.
It takes personal security to be able to stand in a place of conflict, where people differ and still listen respectfully, question yourself and make decisions for the greater good of the business.

4. Leaders chart their own course.
They’re not afraid of the space between their dreams and reality. They believe in the power of their dreams and they take the necessary action to take a leap of faith.

Leaders read to inform themselves and take inspired action. (photo -  worklondonstyle)

Leaders read to inform themselves and take inspired action. (photo – worklondonstyle)

5. They reinvent themselves.
Leaders are demanding of themselves. They’re willing to invest in training and coaching and have the courage and determination to create a new reality for their business.

6. Leaders help others achieve.
They are inspired to share, mentor and uplift others by offering knowledge and resources that could springboard their success.

7. They take the initiative.
Leaders are self-starters who use their emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self-management, social skills and motivation to bring a project to fruition.

8. Leaders love to learn. 

Good leaders read everything, network with people at the level to which they aspire and go back to school for additional training.

9. They fight for a good cause.
Leaders find ways to use the resources and skills they have acquired to give back. They look for opportunities to do pro-bono work.

10. Leaders are change agents.
They expose their people to opportunities to refine their skills, recommend books, meetings and training sessions. They urge people to think about who they are, what’s next and who they are developing.

I believe power is about sharing leadership, working with mentors and coaches and cultivating others to get things done with a real sense of excellence.

Nothing To Wear- Find Your Signature Style

An impression is formed of you within the first 45 seconds of meeting. Your style defines your life. You feel the way you look. Is your style holding you back? Does it influence your self confidence, costing you promotions, money and love?

Change your Look, Change your Life. (photo - worklondonstyle)

Change your Look, Change your Life. (photo – worklondonstyle)

Two things make you different: how you see the world and how the world sees you.

I know how going though the different phases of life can erode your sense of style. Having worked as a television news anchor, university lecturer and senior corporate manager, I now spend my time helping women succeed in their own businesses and careers. I teach my clients to take the doubt out of dressing by learning style strategies.

Owning Oxford Street

Owning Oxford Street

My clients continue to inspire me as I help them look slimmer, taller and younger. Style is about self-knowledge and attainable aspirations, investment and return.

Attending a conference in Kensington, London.

Attending a conference in Kensington, London.

I believe we are born with an innate sense of style but sometimes life gets in the way. Your busy schedule and the many roles you play leave little time for strategy planning on the image front. Every wardrobe contains it’s fair share of fashion mistakes, clashing colours and styles, impulse buys and disappointments.

Invest in yourself. When you do, you will wake up ready to conquer the world each day.“Change your Look; Change your Life.” – Engela Minshull

You Are The Brand!


Start Your Own Business

You just spent another holiday season tied to your desk and your career is not turning out quite the way you had envisaged.

Do you dream of owning your own business? Are you sharing all your best business ideas with your friends and frustrated that you just don’t know how to start? Get started now!


1. Test The Waters
Use your social network to find 10 potential clients. Posting in facebook groups can help you learn more about the best fit for your ideas. A small test run will reveal what your ideal client is looking for.

Start an Etsy store to do a small product launch. You’ll quickly see whether the market is ready for your product offer.

Write Your Business Plan (photo- worklondonstyle)

Write Your Business Plan (photo – worklondonstyle)

2. Hatch A Plan
Employ the Business Model Canvas tool to assist in writing a one page business plan. Ideally your plan will include an assessment of your ideal client(target market), your price points and packages, your marketing plan,  the competition and points of differentiation.

Create a Life You Don't Need a Vacation From

Create a Life You Don’t Need a Vacation From

3. Give To Get
Create some free offers to build a list of potential customers. Give away your best stuff. Nobody is going to buy if the sample is not irresistible. When you honour your potential customer in this way, they will assume that what they will be buying is even better that what you are offering for free.

4. Get Visible
Step away from your laptop. Get your first client. Nobody is in business until someone buys something.

You need feedback from your target market. If needed, run a special offer to test your assumptions about your ideal service or product.

Speak to your tribe on Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. Start a vlog.

5.  Tools Of The Trade
Don’t break the bank. Limit your start-up costs. Build a website on WordPress or Squarespace. Manage your mailing list with Aweber or MailChimp.

Use free online tools like Canva and Monogram It to design a logo and pictures with product info.

Get registered with one of many shopping-cart tools like PayPal. Google analytics will let you monitor traffic to see what’s working on your site.

Celebrate Your Success. (photo - worklondonstyle)

Celebrate Your Success. (photo – Wendy K Yalom)

6. Manage The Money
Open a separate business account to help you keep on top of your budget and revenue. Celebrate your success.

Read More http://www.engelaminshull.com

The Eagle has Landed – American Eagle at Westfield London

Launching the first UK branch of American Eagle at Westfield London, Executive Vice President Simon Nankervis said, “The brand’s changed since 2011 and we’ve moved from being a US retailer to a global retailer.”

American Eagle Westfield London (photo - worklondonstyle)

American Eagle Westfield London (photo – worklondonstyle)

Launching in time for Christmas.

Launching in time for Christmas.

With more than 1,000 stores in the US and annual sales of $3,3billion, American Eagle is best known for its denim.

Denim (photo - worklondonstyle)

Denim (photo – worklondonstyle)

Nankervis said, “Our ranges will be differentiated because the guy in London wears his jeans tighter and the girls [follow] trends a lot quicker because of the proximity to Europe. It will be closer to what we do in New York than Middle America.”

The first UK store at Westfield London (photo - worklondonstyle)

The first UK store at Westfield London (photo – worklondonstyle)

The opening at Westfield London will be followed by another 10,000sq ft store over two floors, on the upper level at Westfield Stratford on Saturday. From next Wednesday Bluewater shoppers will be able to visit their own local store.

Queen Bestows Damehood On Zandra Rhodes

“Personality and jewellery will conquer everything;” said  Zandra Rhodes and now it has. Queen Elizabeth has bestowed one of  her highest honours,  a damehood, on the British fashion and textile designer.

Rhodes received the title, equivalent to a knighthood, as part of the annual Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Dame Zandra Rhodes (photo - Katherine Rose)

Dame Zandra Rhodes (photo – Katherine Rose)

The Queen's Birthday Celebrations. (photo - Lefteris Pitarakis/AP/Press Association Images)

The Queen’s Birthday Celebrations: Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles, Princess Eugenie, Sophie, the Duchess of Wessex, Prince Phillip, Prince Edward, Prince Harry, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William (photo – Lefteris Pitarakis/AP/Press Association Images)

Rhodes, born in Chatham Kent in 1940, is the daughter of a fashion instructor and graduated from The Royal College of Art in 1964. In 1968 whilst lecturing at art college, she opened The Fulham Road Clothes Shop in Chelsea with Sylvia Ayton. She set up on her own and designed her first collection in 1969.

Considered too outrageous by traditional British manufacturers she took her designs to New York where Diana Vreeland featured it in American Vogue.

On the cover of Suitcase magazine.

On the cover of Suitcase magazine.

Famous for her vivid prints and colourful hair, she is considered a pillar of Sixties and Seventies British fashion. Having kept samples of all her work she founded the Textile and Fashion Museum in Bermondsey in 2003.

She has designed for the rich and famous, actors and royalty including Diana, Princess of Wales, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Onassis, Freddy Mercury, Kylie Minogue, Paris Hilton, Bianca Jagger and Anastasia.

Raising Cancer Awareness (photo- Jeremy Selwyn)

Raising Cancer Awareness (photo- Jeremy Selwyn)

Known as “The Princess of Punk” Zandra has won many awards throughout her career including ” Designer of the Year” in 1972. She was made Commander of the British Empire in 1997 and holds nine Honorary Doctorates from Universities in the USA and UK.

Rhodes lost her mother to cancer  and  supports Mayor Boris Johnson as Breast Cancer “ambassador”  to raise awareness of the devastating disease.

Masterful combining of colour and design. (photo - Advanced Style)

Masterful combining of colour and design. (photo – Advanced Style)

Honoured with her was Hilary Mantel, author of celebrated Tudor-era novels “Bring Up The Bodies” and “Wolf Hall.”

Angelina Jolie, though not a British citizen, was made an honorary dame for her work toward eradicating sexual violence worldwide.

Health And Wealth – Herbalife’s Winning Formula Against Obesity And Unemployment.

The most prominent International Nutrition company  Herbalife, is making strides against the war on obesity and unemployment  with unprecedented growth seen in the UK market. Herbalife won three categories at the annual Direct Selling Association (DSA) Awards. Daniel Spiller, a former pro-footballer, won the UK Top Direct Seller of the Year Award. He joined Herbalife in 2012 after friends recommended he try the products. Spiller says; “Once I found out some of the top athletes were using the products, I decided I would try them out.”

Daniel Spiller, winner of the UK DSA  Direct Marketer of the Year Award. (photo - worklondonstyle)

Daniel Spiller, winner of the UK DSA Direct Marketer of the Year Award. (photo – worklondonstyle)

Herbalife has sponsored some of the top footballers in the world including LA Galaxy and David Beckham, Lionel Messi and currently, Christiano Ronaldo, 2x winner of the FIFA Ballon D’or.

Christiano Renaldo (photo-Herbalife)

Christiano Ronaldo (photo-Herbalife)

worklondonstyle visiting the Herbalife corporate head-office in Uxbridge.

worklondonstyle visiting the Herbalife Corporate head-office in Uxbridge.

Victoria Evans won Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Linda Mills, Director of the Direct Selling Association says; “Victoria has built a very successful direct selling business at the age of just 25. What’s even more impressive is that she’s done this while studying for a degree, supplementing the cost of her course with direct selling’.

Victoria Evens

Victoria Evans (photo- Herbalife)

Gavin Aley, Senior Director UK, Ireland and Iceland won the Direct Selling Leadership Award. Linda Mills said, “Gavin has lead Herbalife through an unprecedented period of growth over the past three years”.


Ronaldo using Herbalife nutrition. (photo-Herbalife)

Founded by Mark Hughes in California in 1980, Herbalife, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, is one of the largest direct selling companies in the world. More than 3 million independent Herbalife partners generated sales in excess of $7 billion in 2013. Herbalife offers a range of science based weight management products, nutritional supplements and personal care products intended to support a healthy, active lifestyle.

My morning routine. Healthy shake and quick weights workout. (photo- worklondonstyle)

My morning routine. Healthy shake and quick weights workout. (photo- worklondonstyle)

Herbalife partners coach customers in reaching optimum health goals through a proven method of direct selling known as use, wear, talk. Herbalife UK celebrated 30 years of success at Wembley Arena in June.

If you are looking for financial independence or to achieve your health and weight loss goals; contact me at engelaminshull@gmail.com.